FortyNorth Security

FortyNorth Security
43135 Arundell Ct
Broadlands, VA 20148

Phone: 719.581.9368

Information Security, Cybersecurity

About us:
FortyNorth Security is a boutique information security consulting company specializing in offensive security work. We utilize a team of respected and experienced ethical hackers to hunt for security vulnerabilities that would negatively impact your organization. Our mission is to identify and remediate these weaknesses before they are exploited.

Vulnerability Assessments, External Pen-Testing, Internal Pen-Testing, Social Engineering Assessments, Web Application Assessments, Red Team Assessments, Red Team Training, Wireless Security Assessments.

Ideal Customer:
Organizations looking to assess vulnerabilities within their IT infrastructure in order to strengthen their security posture and secure their digital assets.  Individuals within these organizations include, chief information security officers, chief information officers, and IT professionals responsible for securing a company’s network.



Jared Blatt
President & Co-Founder

Jared is the president and co-founder of FortyNorth Security. Jared thrives on developing and fostering valuable business relationships. He brings extensive sales and business development experience to FortyNorth, which proves vital in procuring new business opportunities and strategic alliances.